Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salt Painting

This activity is interesting for all ages including mommas! It is great for working on colors, color mixing (yellow and blue make green), and creative experimenting.


I recommend using white construction paper so you can see the colors mix.
Make a design on the paper with glue. I just squirted it straight out of the bottle in a design.
Sprinkle salt generously on top of the glue and then shake the excess. Yup, just like with glitter.
Dab your paint brush in watered down food coloring.
Gently touch the brush onto the salt design and lift quickly.
You will see the color immediately spread.
If you want to practice color mixing, simply dab the two colors close to one another.
The colors will run together and mix.
So fun!

salt, food coloring (mixed with water), paintbrush, and white construction paper.

Considering you can buy salt for 33cents a container, you could do this activities endlessly.

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