Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watermelon Waffles

I saw these the other day (I'll have to find a link) and wanted to make them. Watermelon waffles! They turned out cute, but need some perfecting. We'll make them again. The reason I really made them was because I wanted to try out the idea that you can substitute yogurt whey for buttermilk in baking. Buttermilk waffles it was, because I do like killing two birds with one stone. Wow! Did you ever notice what an awful saying that is? lol. We make our own yogurt (crockpot yogurt) and we like it thick so we drain it and there is always a ton of whey. I was throwing it away before (for shame!) The verdict is in and the whey was a fine substitute for the buttermilk. Hubby said it tasted like a regular waffle, so even he couldn't tell the difference. We did move on and make some waffles with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips in them and they were delicious!!

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